First one I suppose

I am writing these blogs to detail my experience in my weightloss journey, being a young woman in a city, and just my life in general. To keep my privacy, I will use the name fana.

Without much ado

My weightloss journey actually began a while ago but It has only recently gotten serious.  Right now, I am doing a high protein, carb cycling sorta deal combined with lots of cardio and heavy weights. Fun right? Anyways I have some good results but like alot of people, I have a crap tonof weight to lose so easy does it. I have recently started going to the heavy weight room. I was a bit intimidated by the superfit male crowd in there grunting and slamming weights on the group. It didn’t help that some of them stared at me like I was a giant elephant. I finished my weights and will do cardio in the evening but man, cut a girl a break. I was so worried about looking stupid, I probably ended up having worse form than I could have had.